Author: Vonni Sage

Prompt: Idea Faire 1: August 2023 Summary

What is truly important?

Making a positive difference in the world is truly important.

Positive difference(s) can manifest in so many ways and this is my feeble attempt to share a wee bit o’ my thinking.

Building And Engaging In Community
Community builders and contributors create and sustain spaces where diverse folks (in all our ways of being diverse) are welcomed and safe. People thrive where they are loved, accepted, celebrated. The size of the community is less important than its culture and impact (internal and external).

Caring For Peoples’ Lives and Well-Being
Being valued and valuable feels good. We all have the capacity to make a positive difference in our own ways, and sometimes that means being given the space (physical, psychological, emotional) and support to do so. When thriving, this is possible; when surviving, maybe not so much.

Caring For Our Earth and Its Life Forms
Animals, plants, trees, all of nature – need caring human presence to thrive. Wait. They thrive without us. [insert a dramatic pause here] Our interventions could be positive, though, caring for injured animals, removing harmful invasive species, and planting and nurturing trees and greens that support survival and even help our world thrive.

The Way(S) We Live and Move Through the World
Our ways of living, the means we use to get the things we need, the people we commune with, our homes/homesteads – all are impacted by the way(s) we move through the world – in competition or collaboration, with thoughtlessness or care.
There is simplicity in convening for a common cause yet, at times, complexity in navigating relationships in community. How we choose to self-reflect and communicate in times of stress can also make a positive difference.

Other Ways I’m Not Thinking Of At This Moment
We all have particular talents, skills, passions, knowledge that we can use and share. Every person has the capacity to make a positive difference.

And free will.