Working Objectives (a work in progress)

Foster & celebrate our sense of place, the beautiful land and nature all around us, and the strengths of our community. Grow more deeply in our knowledge of and connection with where we live.

Get multiple vantage points together to more clearly see overlaps& interconnections collectively. Identify leverage points & discover new opportunities for action.

Reach out to people who aren’t involved in any particular community work or efforts but would like to be, and introduce them to new people & organizations and provide entry points to get involved. Make it easier for people to get engaged.

Broaden the diversity & widen inclusion of progressive dialogue and local identity in our community, working to transcend polarization.


Develop & deepen our ideas & stories, seeing how they connect, and making them better understood & heard by more people without watering down their messages & meaning.

Identify the greatest needs, threats & opportunities in our community, and mobilize with strength in numbers to address them.

Lend support & strength in numbers to already existing initiatives. Celebrate their work and make these positive actions more visible & central in our community. Give credit where credit is due.

Illuminate & verbalize our common ground more clearly, so we can create a comfortable and constructive space where we can converse & learn together about a variety of things.

Provide the information & material resources that we are able to those who need it that we might not otherwise be aware of.