LEAP Values in Practice


We are inclusive to all who wish to join us. We are flexible in our practices, structure, and thinking. We value creativity and are open to ideas. We are dynamic and open to change.


We are driven by the participation of our members. We foster a spirit of partnership inside and outside our group. We practice teamwork in our efforts. We keep things engaging. What we do is cocreated.


Relationships are our priority. We treat people and ideas with hospitality. We connect through sharing time, space, food, and conversation. We aim to foster real connections between one another and with the natural world. We make a space where friendships can form and deepen.


Our care for people and planet begins with gratitude. We keep ourselves nourished and motivated through celebration. We aim to include fun in all that we do. We approach challenging things with an attitude of positivity. We are driven by and we cultivate excitement. We seek happiness for ourselves and our community.


We lean in to change. We encourage experimentation. We want to always be evolving. We learn and refine what we do through iteration.